Back With The Future – The Show

Rosantique & Band live show “THE NEW TWENTIES” is a mixture of Electronic Sound and Visuals combining DJ, VJ, musicians, vocalists and dancers on stage.
Get ready for a mesmerizing time-travel through vintage classics melted with futuristic sounds and radio hits turned into swing!

Rosantique and Band is composed by:
Main vocals: Rosantique

DJ: Groovy Joy (from Pep’s Show Boys)
Back vocalists 

Rosantique’s artistic life begun in Milan where she studied vocals and used to play Jazz covers in the small clubs of the city with her band. She grew up in the 90s, so modern pop waves and electronic music naturally influenced her. Always got a very creative side and one day she thought it would have been great to melt swing with electronics and name this craziness Electroswing!
This was the beginning of a (time)travel that is still going on! She got into the international Electro Swing network and got in touch with many of the most representative artists, labels and agencies of the Electro Swing field.

In 2012 she started Deejaying and hosting a weekly Radio Show about Electro Swing in order to spread it and introducing it to the Italian Country. She got quickly popular and started touring all around Europe but she never forgot her band and she always was feeling the need to come back on stage and play live concerts. So she started to compose original songs and select her best Electro Swing remixes in order to go and play them live with her musicians as ROSANTIQUE AND BAND.